There’s a limit to our supply of fossil fuels, which is why scientists and automakers alike are working to find other solutions to our energy needs. Cars aren’t immune to the problem, and Russian designer Grigory Gorin thinks the answer could be nuclear fusion, which he shows off in this handsome Audi concept.

It’s called the Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro, and is named after the Mesarthim star system in the Aries constellation. It’s a fittingly complicated name for a car that sort of makes rocket science look like a remedial class.


According to Motor1, there’s a fusion reactor with plasma injectors in the middle of the car. Surrounding this is equipment that uses heat from the reactor to create steam and spin a turbine attached to a generator. This, in turn, charges batteries up front and at the sides of the car. The batteries then power wheel-mounted electric motors. A piece of cake, right?

The monocoque chassis is 3D-printed from a lightweight metal alloy with polymers for added support. It encloses the powertrain so closely that it can only be accessed by removing sections of the detachable chassis. There’s also a magnetic hydro-dynamic system that uses a tank of magnetic fluid mounted beneath the car to reach with a magnetic road surface to create downforce and improve handling. Definitely don’t expect to see anything.