Mercedes is planning alongside the Coupe and the Convertible of the E-Class. The design without disturbing effects and polarizing Details oriented as usual on the sedan. The interior is more spacious precipitate as Audi A5, BMW 4 and 6 to the first information. The Schwaben want the car namely po¬sitionieren as full-fledged four-seater with reisetauglichem trunk. The soft top? Of course, again a classic cotton top. Cockpit and Operation orientie¬ren at Limousine that makes a quantum leap in terms Con¬nectivity, infotainment and assistance systems. 

Also new: the optional all-wheel drive, the more efficient nine-speed automatic transmission, full AMG versions with V8 power and the E 450 sports 435 hp in-line six, which is supported by an electric motor with 20 hp