Those familiar with the way Porsche conducts its business regarding their model lineups, pretty much know what to expect if they choose a GTS version over anything else. Whether it's the Macan GTS, or the Cayenne or the current Panamera, you know the model slots in right between the 'S' versions and 'Turbo'. It's sporty, distinctive-looking yet not exactly what you'd call "flagship".

Still, as far as Porsche is concerned, its GTS models have a very strong fan base, and supposedly when or if the time comes for the new 2017 Panamera to wear those clothes, it shouldn't look all that different from this rendering by X-Tomi.

The exterior of the recently-unveiled new Panamera has been slightly tweaked to include typical GTS features such as the Satin Black 'RS Spyder' wheels and black exterior accents that help give the car its sportier appearance.