From 2019 the new to VW Golf 8 set new standards in the compact class. These include the digitization, more fuel-efficient engines and an optimized electric drive.The development of the new VW Golf 8 (2019) remains an absolute priority. When named the Golf class has to fit everything from the perspective of VW CEO Matthias Müller


To contact the VW Golf 8 in 2019 new standards, the Compact must evolve in any discipline. Compared to the current model of the VW Golf 8 (2019) to be slightly flatter and wider, the length, however, remains virtually unchanged. At the front of the new VW Golf 8 (2019) in future show LED headlights, the bumpers are drawn in the style of the GTE. The rear bumper of the new VW Golf 8 (2019) contributes to the next generation a diffuser, GTI and GTD can be recognized by twin tailpipes. As a technical platform for the VW Golf 8 (2019) is an enhanced version of the modular transverse matrix (MQB), the VW allowed, even during the model cycle engines and gearboxes to change. Advantage: The technique is known, their mass use lowers costs.