There's a new BMW SUV on the way and it just might be the most powerful BMW EVER! Coupe SUVs are oh-so popular these days, so it's no surprise that BMW is releasing a coupe version of their biggest SUV to date, the X7. While it may not have the ability to squeeze in 7 seats like the X7, you can still guarantee that the X8 will be an absolute behemoth once it hits the streets! And of course, you know what that means. If there's an X8 coming, then that means there's probably an X8M in the works, too! It's likely to use the same 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 as you find in the X6M & M8, but we're expecting it to also come packed with hybrid technology and produce up to

Of course, all that power won't be cheap, and we think an X8M is unlikely to cost less than £120,000! But will it be worth it? You'll have to join Mat to take a closer look and see for yourself!