All New Jaguar XF High-Wire Crossing Of The River Thames

Jaguar have been filming another PR event – this time it was the turn of the all new Jaguar XF model and to celebrate its launch Jaguar decided it would attempt the longest ever high-wire crossing of water by a car.

jaguar XF 01

Suspended over the River Thames on wires just over an inch thick, this daring stunt involving the new Jaguar XF looks like something out of a James Bond film.

jaguar XF 09

Featuring the iconic London skyline, Canary Wharf & the Royal Victoria Dock in Newham London, the event was hosted by Gabby Logan. The boats that had arrived in the docks a few days earlier had been part of the set-up works and several practice sessions had taken place in the lead-up to the main event itself – the Jaguar launch video can be seen here:


jaguar XF 03

jaguar XF 00

jaguar XF 04

jaguar XF 11

jaguar XF 07