Rumors about a BMW M1 successor have been swirling for years but there hasn't been much to show for it. Fans certainly haven't given up hope and it appears neither has BMW M.

In an interview with Drive, BMW M's Vice President of Sales and Marketing admitted the company has held internal discussions about a high-performance supercar. Peter Quintus said there are no immediate plans for the model as "our priorities are on other issues" but revealed if any such car was approved, it would include hybrid technology as "you couldn't stay with a conventional approach."


In the meantime, we'll just to have to make do with an assortment of M models and the eco-friendly i8. Quintus says the company has held discussions about the future of the plug-in hybrid sports car and he believes the upcoming i8 Spyder will be a success.

While BMW is keeping us waiting, rival Mercedes-AMG is developing an all-new hypercar that will use technology borrowed from Formula 1.