The seventh generation of BMW 3-series spotted for the first time ever with a camouflaged body. There are not much details available about the seventh generation 3-Series. However the shape under the camouflaged body gets similarity to the BMW 5-series.


It looks like BMW is inspired from Mercedes-Benz and following the footsteps as well with Russian Doll effect of the C-Class and the E-Class.

BMW has offered some styling cues as standard such as the double-kidney grille however the headlamps are even curvier and the very different from current angular versions.


Can’t tell about the rear end lighting cluster but can confirm a bulging out sideways. Inside the cabin, it is expected that BMW has added some extra space on the rear end because it was the largest downfall in the previous generation. It was lacking rear seat space.

New 3-series might get the inspiration from the next 5 series and 7 series, uses aluminium and carbon fibre reinforced plastic materials in both body and chassis. This turn will definitely save couple of pounds in weight. As a result, it is expected that overall efficiency will be increased. BMW is likely to introduce the plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell alongside the BMW diesel engines and petrol engines.