Mercedes seems hell-bent on transforming the steel, aluminum, and all the oil in the world into galloping ponies of AMG power. This is a good thing because AMG badges have always represented cars that are quick and have an addiction to inhaling tire smoke. The only thing is that previously, it took a racing driver to successfully hoon one of these beasts. This may no longer be the case.


Mercedes-Benz is acknowledging that novice drivers may also want to look cool while not having to fear for their lives. That’s why AMG boss Tobias Moers told Motor Authority that the new Mercedes-AMG E63 that debuted at the New York Auto Show will be the first AMG to pioneer a “drift mode” for its drivers. This would allow wannabe Ken Blocks to wag the tail of the turbocharged E-Class without spinning out. Moers didn’t give any details as to how the system would work, but it would likely use the traction control system to moderate the power going to the rear wheels, much like Ferrari does. Along with tire shops, we can’t wait to see how this technology will work when it gets added to the AMG lineup.