Buick’s Avista concept wowed when it was revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in January. 

The concept seemed to indicate a whole new direction for this traditional American brand, but will this striking performance coupe ever make the leap from display to dealership?


Taunting us once more, Buick showcased this car at the recent New York Auto Show, where is gained a ruby-red paint job and a redecorated interior.

But deflating our hopes that the Avista will ever make it into production, Tony DiSalle, vice-president of marketing at Buick told us, “All we’re saying at this point is that it’s a concept.”


Just how important is China to this brand? Well, four out of every five Buicks sold are delivered in the middle kingdom. Yep, 80 percent. Buick has been passed down from generation to generation as kind of a cultural icon in China,” explained DiSalle. It was the vehicle of the country’s last emperor, which ties into its modern-day appeal there.