Apparently, it doesn’t matter if your name is John Smith or Jay Leno when it comes to acquiring the new Ford GT. All interested parties, regardless of prestige or fame, will have to participate in a meticulous review process that involves a lengthy application before they’re considered as a potential buyer of one of the coveted 250 GTs available.

According to The Detroit News, Ford’s product chief, Raj Nair, stated in an interview that the vetting process is to ensure the GTs go to valued, long-standing Ford customers that likely won’t sell the car for profit or place the car in a collection for viewing purposes only. The company wants owners of the new GT to enjoy–and by enjoy they mean drive– the car as an automobile is meant to be enjoyed.

The application process includes a section stating the potential owner is prohibited to sell the car for a certain (but currently unspecified) length of time. The purpose of the process is for Ford executives to gauge the applicant’s relationship with the brand. They want only true Ford enthusiasts– rather than just car enthusiasts– with the new GT in their possession.