A fine combination of sleek styling, fine handling and everyday practicality, the new F-Pace is the most versatile sporting Jaguar. “LUMMA CLR F” is the name that heralds the public debut of the LUMMA Design tuning programme for the new Jaguar F-PACE at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. 


The most popular engine in the range is the supercharged all-alloy 3.0-liter V6 with 280kW / 380hp in standard form. LUMMA Design will shortly have a power upgrade ready that will increase its output to a rousing 353kW / 480hp.
Part and parcel of this is the LUMMA Design sport exhaust system, which lowers exhaust backpressure, and visually culminates in four powerful looking tailpipes, flanked by carbon-fibre. 

The traditional craftsmen in LUMMA Design’s trim department are standing by to translate a customer’s ideas into a plush interior bearing their personal signature. Here, the finest leather and Alcantara in a wide choice of hues set the stage for contrasting trim inserts created from high-tech aluminium, carbon-fibre or traditional wood veneers. A set of aluminium foot pedals and high-quality floor mats bearing the LUMMA coat of arms logo add the finishing touch.

The LUMMA Jaguar F-PACE tuning programme goes on sale during the third quarter of 2016.