When I was 12, I was just barely tall enough to drive a bumper car. Steven Aghakhani, at 12, is winning races in a McLaren 650S at 162 mph. He started club racing when he was seven-years-old; by age nine, he beat his instructor in a race; after that point, as his dad describes in a YouTube video, it was time to get him into the real cars.


His Dad, Amrik Aghakhani, drives a 2006 Ford GT with 1,700 hp that goes by code name “Black Mamba,” and many have seen him at Shift-S3ctor events throughout the country. But at the recent Portland Airstrip Attack event, it was time for Steven to take the spotlight. Uploaded Sept. 9 by NARA Speed, the video above shows Amrik and Steven as the prepare for a standing half-mile race.