Last year, a car with a real personality turned 65. But even older than the Volkswagen van, which has conquered the whole world, is ABT Sportsline, having provided “traditional innovation” for 120 years now. “The Volkswagen van has been with us for a very long time – as our team bus in motorsports or for tuning,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt. For the CEO, the new T6 in particular is more than just an ordinary van.


The latest model is really quite something, especially after having been “ABTed”. The special anniversary edition, to be seen at the Geneva Motor Show, has 235 hp (173 kW) instead of the serial 204 PS (150 kW). The 2l turbo diesel’s torque stands at 490 Nm and can tow a lot, really. Also available is the 2l TDI with now 180 hp (132 kW).