Baselworld 2016 started off with a bang when Bell & Ross, along with the unveiling of their BR 03-94 AeroGT chronograph and the BR 03-92 AeroGT chronograph, released the matching AeroGT concept car. Similarly, Bell & Ross released a chronograph and superbike last year, but AeroGT concept car was an attention grabber at Baselworld this year. Reportedly, only 500 of each chronograph will be produced. No word on whether or not the AeroGT concept will make it into production at this time.


According to the Bell & Ross website, the AeroGT is “half aeroplane concept car” and “half GT concept car.” The car sits impossibly low to the ground and is a vision of sharp, angular lines. The car also has two exhaust pipes that defy the standards in size and, according to the site, “evoke turbojet engine exhausts.” As for the GT half, Bell & Ross pulled inspiration from the grand touring race vehicles of Italy which encompass the versatility of both road and track vehicle.

Check out the video below to see the AeroGT concept in action.