GAS did unveil a concept at the 2014 LA Auto Show but we surely didn't expect The Rocket to make such a sudden appearance. And boy, it does look like the ultimate American muscle car.

We don't know if the Ford Mustang's good looks or the creative minds from GAS are to be praised for the Rocket, but there's also something Jaguar-esque about the car's front end, so maybe we were just staring too much at the F-Type in Startech clothing. I never thought I'd say this, but it really blends well with the original American style on this muscle car.

GAS did their best in finding the perfect providers for the car's new identity. This is why the body kit is made out entirely out of carbon fiber by GFMI Metalcrafters, the quad-tipped Black Cat exhaust is Bassani Xhaust's work and the Gran Turismo brake package is signed by Brembo.

Any comment on the car's overall appearance is futile, as you'll see for yourselves by simply watching the new front bumper, hood and extended wheel arches. And guess what? There's more to follow under the hood as well.

Since the concept shown last year in LA packed a hefty 725 HP thanks to a supercharged V8 unit, we expect the same from the production Rocket. GAS is keeping it hush-hush in terms of performance figures but we do expect some blistering sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph). There's also no word on pricing, but we're pretty sure that selling a kidney or a lung on the black market won't be enough.