It’s been another full week of excitement in the automotive corners of the world, with celebrities finding new members for their collections, records being broken and set, bicycles being released and manufacturers releasing new projects to the world.

Below you’ll find our top five most read articles of the week, as well as our top five most clicked cars. From a 1991 Cizeta to Justin Bieber’s LaFerrari, these were the vehicles that caught your eye. Be sure to stay with us for next week’s round of news coverage from Autofluence | duPont REGISTRY.


Top 5 Articles on Autofluence

Starwood Motors’ Project Jeep: Nomad


The Jeep Wrangler was built to be rugged and capable of traversing terrain that would be impossible for other vehicles. To exemplify the Jeep’s…. Read More


Bulletproof S-Class Limousine by Trasco Bremen


Before the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman hits showroom floors, Trasco Bremen GmbH has introduced their very own armored S-Class limousine. Trasco Bremen has been producing armored vehicles since 1983, making them… Read More


SCG003 Nürburgring Lap Sets New Unofficial Record


While the future of the Nürburgring as a GT3 race location is being debated, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus has swept in and out with a lap time that… Read More


Jason Statham in his Ferrari F12berlinetta


Yesterday, we wrote about Justin Bieber purchasing a LaFerrari. Today, we are here to show you action movie superstar Jason Statham and his Ferrari F12berlinetta. The “Furious 7″ star’s newest acquisition was… Read More


Justin Bieber Buys a LaFerrari


Justin Bieber has recently been in the news for his roast on Comedy Central, where he calmly sat by as celebrity friends doled out some harsh jokes at his expense. But he is also often in the news for…Read More


Top 5 Cars on duPont REGISTRY

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder at Maserati of Manhattan



2015 US Specialty Vehicles Rhino GX Sport



2015 Porsche 918 Spyder at Lake Forest Sportscars



2012 Ferrari 458 Italia



1991 Cizeta V16


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