Watching A Veyron And A LaFerrari Play Bumpers Cars Is Damn Painful

Just because some people have the dough to buy million-dollar-plus hypercars doesn’t necessarily make them the best of drivers. In fact, they can outright be some of the worst and laziest drivers out there. Case in point: the owner/driver of this Bugatti Veyron L’Or Blanc. The fender bender you’re about to see recently happened outside a Paris hotel. The Veyron driver somehow didn’t notice a certain bright red LaFerrari in his rear view. Or perhaps he did and just didn’t really care.
Whatever the case, the Veyron driver not only knocked its rear bumper into the LaFerrari’s front bumper, but he also just drove off like he didn’t give a shit. And, shockingly, the LaFerrari driver didn’t even get out to inspect possible damage. The mind reels.