The Mercedes 190E entered production in 1982 and lasted for 11 years before it was discontinued in 1993. It was Mercedes’s first compact class automobile. One of my all time favorite automotive designers - Bruno Sacco was responsible for the design. Mr Sacco was head of styling at Mercedes from 1975 to 1999 and in addition to the 190 also designed one of the most beautiful convertibles of all time - the stunning

">TheSketchMonkey did an incredible job giving the car a new modern render, watch the video to visualise all the process.

Bruno Sacco left behind an incredible legacy and was a huge part of the designs of Mercedes during a time when they really had their brand identity dialed in across the entire lineup. The total production number for the 190E reached 1,879,629 over its eleven-year lifespan. This was a magical era of Mercedes-Benz not only in design but in overall build quality and engineering. Mercedes spent over $800M researching and developing the 190E and admitted themselves that the car was massively over-engineered.