Roborace replaces drivers with artificial intelligence, and here is our first glimpse of the autonomous racer that's set to guide itself around tracks soon. Dubbed the Robocar, the futuristic shape looks like something straight out of Tron, but that's not really a surprise because designer Daniel Simon was also the vehicle concept designer on Tron: Legacy.

Roborace will debut as a support series for the FIA Formula E Championship sometime during the 2016-2017 season. All the electric cars will be mechanically identical, but the teams will be able to tweak the algorithms and artificial intelligence. Each race will be an hour long. Roborace hopes to have 10 teams of two cars when the competition starts.

This is the only image of the Robocar so far. Roborace also has a teaser video with some other angles, but the lighting isn't great. You can watch it below. Let us know in Comments whether you're looking forward to seeing these futuristic racers buzzing around tracks but with no drivers at the controls.