Aston Martin Forced To Change Name Of Vantage Track Car


There were dozens of new releases at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Aston Martin was not a manufacturer that disappointed, revealing its Vantage GT3 track car. The special edition car boasts 595BHP and has a limited production run of only 100 models, all of which are already sold out!

Vantage Gt3

Sadly, for the new owners of these limited track cars, they won’t be receiving an Aston Martin Vantage GT3. Well, they will, just it will be called the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 instead. The reason behind this is that Porsche’s legal team have threatened action against Aston Martin, claiming that the GT3 is a symbol of the Porsche 911.

911 GT3

Whilst no court action has been taken, the threats from Porsche have clearly been enough for Aston Martin to quadruple their model number! GT3 is known to race fans as a touring car racing championship, however both Aston Martin and Porsche seem to think otherwise!

Vantage GT3 full rear