Well this is very cool, as carexpert stated, turning a Suzuki Jimny to a G-wagon will not come for free as you would think, there is a whole package to buy and many modifications to do including wraping parts, calibrating the whole new package with the car, here is a closer look to the package : 

  • Vikor Jimny headlights, blacked-out headlight upgrade: $1500
  • Vikor Jimny tail lights, G Wagen LED-style tail light: $900
  • Jimny King wheels, 20-inch blade gloss black: $1800
  • 20-inch street tyres: $1500
  • Suzuki Jimny, Liberty Walk Nation G Mini Works Premium Complete bodykit with hood: $16,000
  • Labour to install bodykit and accessories: $1600
  • Vinyl wrap work: $4500
  • Tyre fitting and balance: $40.00