Enter Kuhl Racing from Nagoya, Japan and their elaborately designed Nissan GT-R, which seems to have taken a page from Lowrider culture with its intricate engraving details, panels and patterns throughout its body. It first generated buzz at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon where it won the Grand Prix award for the Tokyo International Custom Car Contest, in addition to causing a stir at the Osaka Auto Messe. In doing so, they garnered internet fame from millions of fans around the world, who were limited to only viewing the masterpiece on a computer screen.

2008 Nissan GT-R (R35)

Savini Wheels Black di Forza BM9-L step-lip 21x11.5 (front) and 21x12.5 (rear)
Yokohama ADVANSPORT 255/35R21 (front) and 295/30R21 (rear)

591.79 hp 
ECU Tuning by Kuhl Racing