Some upscale automakers are known as much for performance as they are for luxury. Like Bugatti, for example, or Jaguar, or Maserati. Rolls-Royce is most definitely not one of them, but that hasn't stopped Mansory from replacing the Dawn's elegance with a sportier appearance.

One of the many show cars the tuner is displaying in Geneva this year, Mansory's take on the uber-luxe cabriolet is all decked out in collage-style carbon, with randomly arrayed fibers instead of the typical woven pattern.

A full aero kit emphasizes the sporty pretensions and reduces lift at speed, with 22-inch wheels in a V6 style wearing Vredestein rubber channeling the increased output. Where the 6.6-liter twin-turbo V12 produces 570 horsepower in the Dawn straight from the factory (or as much as 623 hp in the more potent Wraith fastback coupe), Mansory has managed to extract 740 hp from the big engine.