Mercedes unveiled not one, but two pickup truck concepts previewing the regular production version of the X-Class. Each of the two new concepts represents a different character, with the Stylish Explorer offering a premium and sporty experience while the Powerful Adventurer is the rugged hardcore off-roader. 

The Stylish Explorer is set to preview most accurately the regular production double-cab X-Class model, with a plush interior, sporty bumpers and a set of big, 22-inch alloy wheels. The Powerful Adventurer on the other hand boasts a huge ground clearance, extra body cladding complete with wider wheel arches and off-road wheels and tires. 

Entry-level models will be offered with RWD as standard, with the all-wheel drive system offered as an option. The engine range will include four-pot petrol and diesel units without providing more information, with the show cars being powered by a V6 diesel engine which is expected to sit at the top of the range. The AWD V6-equipped X-Class can carry more than 1.1 ton, with a towing capacity of up to 3.5 tons.