Case in point with Office-K, a Japanese label which is well known for its... extrovert contraptions. When it comes to the Tesla seen here, the aftermarket developer went for a chrome wrap, so the sedan now looks like a rolling mirror.

In fact, given the fact that the latest trends involved colored chrome finishes, we're a bit surprised to see Office-K sticking to the "classic" pattern. While the all-shiny wrap makes it difficult to focus on anything else, we have to explain the Model S packs a body kit. Coming from Artisan Spirit, the is the kind of package that doesn't take things too far in the name of drawing attention, at least as far as the styling is concerned. However, more or less real carbon fiber simply couldn't be missing from such a package, so this is visible in multiple parts of the electric machine.

Then we have the wheels - this Tesla has ditched its factory rollers for a set of rims coming from Forgiato. We're dealing with Insetto-ECL wheels here, which come in a 22-inch size. Given the low-profile tires and the lowered suspension of the car, the rims may look even bigger.