We have seen a fair few styling kits for the Coupe version of the Mercedes GLE, and most of them wide body. Now though, we have come across one that could well be the coolest of the lot. This is the Prior Design Mercedes GLE Coupe boasting a package the tuner calls PDG800X WB.

Sadly with Prior Design the numbers they use in the name of their products does not indicate the power output. They actually leave the mechanicals untouched, which is a shame because Prior Design Mercedes GLE Coupe sure looks like it’s got a million horsepower, especially that vented bonnet which looks like it is bursting with power. The kit is also the first aftermarket package that truly improves the somewhat weird looks of the GLE Coupe.

As for its ingredients, Prior Design Mercedes GLE Coupe features a set of unashamedly wide fenders like most other package of this kind, but here the massive flares are complemented with equally impressive bumper design, side sills and side strakes, rear diffuser and rear tailgate spoiler. These parts are made from a Fiberglass-Duraflex mix which is almost as tough as carbon fiber but costs a lot less. Prior also supplies a nice set of wheels to go with the kit, but you are free in making your own decision about that.