Well, it is definitely not a princess kind of car, but for those chicks who love action, the car might suit their personality just fine.

This one seen here is an insane model, and I know for sure that there are a few models from Mercedes-Benz that really satisfy my good taste. And this one seen here is definitely my type of ride.It comes with outstanding bespoke Prior Design body parts, starting with the new front and rear fenders, updated bumpers and side sills, new vented bonnet and brand-new aprons.

There are also a plethora of features to be added to the car`s styling as well, such as front spoiler lip, rear diffuser, side skirts as well as duck tail spoiler. The interior also gets a special treatment. We are looking here at a nice and cozier feel, highlighted by the black and red upholstery with stitching, adding piano black and carbon fiber trims, sport steering wheel with Alcantara grips and so on. The engine also seems to have received a power boost, in this case, this fine lad going full 510 horsepower. You can enjoy the sports car in the media gallery below!