As the Vision Gran Turismo project continues, companies are rolling out ideas for hyper cars one after another. This time, Dodge brings their SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo to the table, Dodge’s high-tech and high-performance concept for Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation. This is a digital version of sheer automotive genius, but unfortunately this is a concept that will never have a chance of making it to the production line.

Like many of the other Vision Gran Turismo concepts, the SRT Tomahawk is a bold, outrageous design that’s primary focus is to make the air avoid the car. A low-slung roof, wide stance, massive air intakes, and active aerodynamics all seem like things that were though of by a sci-fi movie director, but they actually work. Using lightweight materials, the SRT Tomahawk clocks in a weight of only 2,026 pounds in its base configuration, dropping all the way to 1,658 pounds in the range-toping X configuration. All of the active aerodynamics on the car are driven by a pneumatic system that is also used as a propulsion system. An active, scanning laser system is the eye for the active aero system, as it is constantly changing depending on driving conditions.