Chief among the alternatives Startech offers for the Bentayga is a widebody kit, including new front and rear bumpers, complete with front spoiler, honeycomb lower grille inserts, and increased ventilation for the radiators and front brakes. At the rear, there's a bumper with an integrated diffuser and optional trailer hitch as well as LED taillights, rear lip spoiler and quad aluminum exhaust tips. The fenders are widened as well, along with modified door panels, to give the big Bentley a broadened stance.

Startech offers a choice of wheel options ranging up to 23 inches in diameter, hooked up to a lowered air suspension. There's a wide range of customization options on offer for the interior as well. And though it has only completed the adaptive exhaust system so far, customers will be able to chose from a series of upgrades already in the works for the 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine. You know, in case the standard 600 horsepower won't suffice.