Ticking boxes off an options list can become a very expensive game, but when we’re talking about supercars, things tend to get really crazy, really fast. What you see here is reportedly the world’s most expensive McLaren 675LT and is -as you can imagine- the current pride and joy of one really wealthy customer, who also happens to own a McLaren P1

The car itself is the Spider version and one of the 25 Carbon Series models. It’s also one of the 3 Carbon Series models to be finished in a paint job that allows the carbon fiber weave to be visible. MSO’s special blue paint, which allows the weaves to show up only in certain angles, is matched rather nicely with the grey stripe and its gold borders. The matching set of wheels has one of the most extravagant features we’ve ever heard for a car; the wheel weights are actually made out of gold.

The engine bay is also insulated in gold, as a nod to the legendary McLaren F1. There is even a special Electroform Badge on the nose which is a 1mm-thin slice of silver embedded in the clear coat. 

Overall it took more than 100 hours combined for McLaren Beverly Hills to spec this car, along with the owner making three trips over to McLaren’s HQ in Woking, UK. The goal of creating a true one-off version of the McLaren 675LT was finally achieved, all for a cost of $820,000, which is double the official price someone would pay for a brand new 675LT Coupe in the US.