Since every single Inferno body kit we've seen thus far has been for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, it was about time the regular GLE got some attention as well. Make no mistake, installing TopCar's Inferno body kit is pretty expensive. Even if you don't go for the carbon fiber version, you still need to spend €17,395. However, doing the full carbon fiber treatment means parting with no fewer than €20,520.

The body kit consists of 23 mods in total, with one of the most expensive being the actual installation and painting process (€4,500), followed by bits such as the rear bumper with air intakes (€3,100), the custom hood (€3,500) and the front bumper (€3,400).

Of course, getting the carbon fiber mods can be equally costly, with bits such as the lacquered carbon hood going for €4,950, while the lacquered carbon rear diffuser sets you back €2,500. Oh and, you'll spend more on the Inferno carpets in either black or brown (€400) than you will on the pedals (€350) which are either black or aluminum.

The interior is very Brabus-esque with all that diamond-patterned leather covering not only the middle section of the seats, but also some of the door panels and even the armrest section. You even get the same pattern on the previously mentioned carpets.